Thoughts on the Pritikin Diet


Thoughts on the Pritikin Diet:

"Denise Minger wrote a very thought provoking post on the very low fat Pritikin Diet and how it can help reduce disease including diabetes and cancer. In the first part, I wrote my thoughts on the Kempner Rice diet here. The Pritikin diet is primarily composed of high fibre, high carbohydrate, low-fat, plant based foods. With his close relationship to McGovern, this diet formed the basis of many of the low-fat, carbohydrate based recommendations of the 1977 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

Over some decades, his colleague RJ Barnard published many studies on this diet and how it could reduce many different diseases – mostly those associated with the metabolic syndrome. For example, this diet could help reduce prostate cancer, reduce insulin and medication usage for type 2 diabetes, reduce LDL oxidation, reduce breast cancer, reduce colon cancer, reduce heart disease, and improve cardiac risk factors."

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